Hello, world. It’s me, your friendly neighborhood #cam.

You may have been concerned about my whereabouts for the last 2 years, but I was doing the HUMANE thing and working on a new library for you all… In my free time while I’m not being a full time #birddad I have been working on a fun new project that will help you write tests. Let me break it down.

I’ve been using some version of this or another for a while now; I thought it was finally time to spin it out into a separate library, in case anyone else found it useful. clojure.test/are is great for writing lots of assertions quickly, but it has two big problems that prevent me from using it everywhere:

  1. Failing assertions give no indication as to which set of arguments failed if you’re using anything that pretty prints test output, such as Humane Test Output, CIDER, or eftest
  2. are lets you shoot yourself in the foot by writing expressions that include is or testing, and wraps them in another is without complaining

You can learn more about it on GitHub.

I hope everyone finds this as useful as I hope I will.

Peace, love, and bird seed.

xoxo CamSaul